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The first line, said on both Chanukah and Purim:

" Al Hanissim Ve’al hapurkan ve’al hagvurot ve’al hatshuot ve’al hamilchamot she’asita la’avoteinu bayamim hahem bazman hazeh."

"And for the miracles, and for the salvation, and for the mighty deeds, and for the victories, and for the battles which You performed for our forefathers in those days, at this time."

The prayer said only during the eight days of Chanukah:

"Bimey Matityahu ben Yochanan, Kohain Gadol Chashmonai Uvanav.."

"In the days of Mattityahu, the son of Yochanan, The Kohain Gadol, the Hasmonean, and his sons - when the wicked Greek kingdom rose up against your people Israel to make them forget your Torah and compel them to stray from the statutes of Your Will - You in Your great mercy stood up for them in the time of their distress.

You took up their grievance, judged their claim, and avenged their wrong. You delivered the strong into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few, the impure into the hands of the pure, the wicked into the hands of the righteous, and the wanton into the hands of the diligent students of your Torah.

For Yourself You made a great and holy name in Your World, and for Your people Israel You worked a great victory and salvation as this very day. Thereafter, your children came to the Holy of Holies of Your House, cleansed Your Temple, purified the site of your Holiness and kindled lights in the Courtyards of Your Sanctuary; and they established these eight days of Chanukah to express thanks and praise to Your great Name."

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