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O mighty Rock of my salvation,
to praise You is a delight.
Restore my House of Prayer
and there we shall bring a thanksgiving offering.
When you will have prepared the slaughter
for the blaspheming foe,
Then I shall complete with a song of hymn
the dedication of the Altar.
Ma’oz tzur yeshuati
Lecha na’eh leshabe’ach
Tikon beit tefilati
V’sham todah nezabe’ach
Le’eit tachin matbe’ach
Mitzar hamnabe’ach
Az egmor b’shir mizmor
Chanukat hamizbe’ach


Trouble sated my soul,
when with grief my strength was consumed.
They had embittered my life with hardship,
with the calf-like kingdom’s
(2) bondage.
But with His great power
He brought forth the treasured ones,
Pharaoh’s army and all his offspring
went down like a stone into the deep.
Ra’ot savah nafshi
Beyagon kochi kila
Chayai meireru b’koshi
B’shibud malchut egla
Uvyado hagedolah
Hotzi et hasegula
Cheil Paroh v’chol zaroh
Yardu k’even bimtzula


To the abode of His holiness He brought me,
But there, too, I had no rest
And an oppressor came and exiled me.
For I had served aliens,
And had drunk benumbing wine.
Scarcely had I departed [my land]
When at Babylon’s demise Zerubabel
(5) came —
At the end of seventy years I was saved.
Dvir kodsho heviani
V’gam sham lo shakateti
U’va noges v’higlani
Ki zarim avadeti
V’yein ra’al masachti
Kimat she’avarti
Ketz Bavel, Zerubavel
L’ketz shivim noshati


To sever the towering cypress (6)
sought the Aggagite, son of Hammedatha,
But it became a snare and a stumbling block to him
and his arrogance was stilled.
The head of the Benjaminite You lifted
and the enemy, his name You blotted out
His numerous progeny — his possessions —
on the gallows You hanged.
Krot komat berosh
Bikesh Agagi ben Hamdata
V’nihyta lo l’fach u’lemokesh
v’gaavato nishbata
Rosh yemini neseita
v’oyev shmo machita
Rov banav v’kinyanav
Al ha’eitz talita


Greeks gathered upon me
then in Hasmonean days.
They breached the walls of my towers
and they defiled all the oils;
And from the one remnant of the flasks
a miracle was wrought for the ‘Roses.’
Men of insight — eight days
established for song and jubilation
Yevanim nikbetzu alai
Azay b’ymei Chashmanim
U’fartzu chomot migdalai
V’timu kol hashmanim
U’minotar kankanim
Naasah nes lashoshanim
Bnei vina yemei shmonah
Kavu shir u’renanim


Bare You holy arm
and hasten the End for salvation —
Avenge the vengeance of Your servant’s blood
from the wicked nation.
For the triumph is too long delayed for us,
and there is no end to days of evil,
Repel the Red One
(11) in the nethermost shadow (12)
and establish for us the seven shepherds.
Chasof zeroa kodshecha
V’karev ketz hayeshua
Nekom nikmat dam avadecha
Me’uma haresha’ah
Ki archa lanu hayeshu’ah
V’ein ketz l’ymei hara’ah
Decheh Admon b’tzeil tzalmon
Hakem lanu ro’im shivah

1. The Holy Temple.
2. In Yirmiyahu / Jeremiah (46:20), Egypt is likened to a young, beautiful heifer.
3. The king of Babylon exiled us to Babylon.
4. The Jews were dazed and intoxicated with the wine of the pagans, which was poison for them.
5. Zerubavel was at the head of the returned exiles. Encouraged by the prophets Chaggai and Zechariah, he completed the rebuilding of the second Temple.
6. Mordechai.
7. This is a reference to Haman's plan to destroy Mordechai by hanging.
8. Haman was ultimately hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordechai.
9. Mordechai was of the tribe of Benjamin.
10. The term shoshanim, roses, is used in Scripture in reference to the Jewish People.
11. Esav. Esav is referred to as "the red one" in Bereishit / Genesis 25:25.
12. We ask Hashem to destroy Esav, the arch-enemy of the Jewish People.
13. See Micah 5:4.

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