The Almighty decided it was time to put the letters in order. He asked each one in turn why it should be the first.

"I'm tallest," cried the 'Lamed', "And the others will be able to see my waving crown all down the line."

"No," said the Shin. "I should be first. I have three crowns, and the people should behold my glory first."

And on it went down the line. Or rather, no line, because they weren't in order yet.

After all the letters had given their case for being the first, the Almighty noticed the Bet hadn't spoken.

"And what's your reason," the Almighty inquired.

"Oh, L-rd, I have no reason. I can think of no way that I'm so special I should go first."

"Then you will," said the Almighty. "My Chosen will be a humble people, and you are a humble letter."

Then he noticed one of them was missing.


Where was the Alef?

They finally found the Alef in one corner of the heavens.

"Where were you? Didn't I call all the letters together?"

"Oh L-rd, I can't even make a sound. I don't even deserve to be in the company of the other letters, and I barely even have a crown."

The Almighty was so please by this display of humbleness, in His Infinite Wisdom, placed Alef, the silent letter, at the head of the parade of letters, with Bet following close behind.

And that's how we got the Alef-Bet.

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