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All About Avrohom (Abraham)

Avraham Avinu
Born: 1948 - after the Creation.
Father: Terach.
Wives: {Sarah}, [Hagar], (Keturah)
Sons: {Yitzchock}, [Yishmael], (Zimran, Yakshan, Midan, Midyan, Yishbak & Shuach).

Life in brief:

  • Born 1948 after the Creation.
  • At the age of 48 the tower of Babel happened.
  • At the age of 70 fought the 4 Kings, and Hashem made a covenant with him.
  • At the age of 75 went to Canaan, and then to Egypt.
  • At the age of 86 a son Yishmael was born.
  • At the age of 99 was circumcised.
  • At the age of 100 a son Yitzchok was born.
  • At the age of 125 left Plishtim and went to Chevron.
  • At the age of 135 his father Terach died.
  • At the age of 137 the binding of Yitzchok (Akaidah), Sarah dies.
  • At the age of 160 his grandson Yaakov was born.
  • Died at the age of 175 years old - year 2123 after creation.

The Ten Trials of Avrohom:

  1. Thrown into the burning furnace.
  2. To leave his land.
  3. Famine in the land of Canaan.
  4. Pharoh taking his wife Sarah.
  5. War of the four kings.
  6. The dream at the covenant.
  7. The circumcision.
  8. Avimelech taking Sarah.
  9. Chasing away Hagar and Yishmael.
  10. The Akaidah (binding) of Yitzchok.

Did you know...?

  • Avrohom at the age of 50 went to Noach and heard about the flood.
  • When Avrohom died, Shem (Noach's son) & Ever (Noach's great great grandson) were still alive! - (they even saw Yaakov!).
  • Avrohom was the 20th generation from the creation of the world.

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