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Smuggler Besides their reputation for being immoral, the Egyptians, descendants of Cush, were known for their very ugly women! That¹s why Avram had to come up with a plan to smuggle Sarai across the Egyptian border.

As a matter of fact, Avram came up with two plans.

Firstly, Avram stuffed Sarai into a suitcase with clothes. But he knew that the customs agents would probably force him to open his suitcase. Plus the fact that even if they got across the border, eventually, someone would see Sarai around town. So Avram came up with a backup plan. He told Sarai to say that she was his sister.

Just as Avram predicted, at the border, the customs agent noticed how heavy the suitcase was and got suspicious. He ordered Avram to open the baggage. Avram announced that he was willing to pay any duty they saw fit as long as he didn't have to open the suit case.

"What if the suitcase is filled with gold?", retorted the agent. "The duty will be very high."

"No problem! Just tell me who to make the check out to!" answered Avram.

"But maybe you've got precious stones in there! Double duty!"

"Don't worry, I've got my Mesopotamian express card!"

"I suspect you're hiding lots of diamonds! How will you pay duty on those cuties?"

"Mesopotamian Platinum card! Never leave home without it!"

They went back and forth all day until the sun was about to set.

Finally, the customs agents whipped open the buckles and zipper of the suitcase and discovered socks, shirts, polka dot pajamas and Sarai! She was so beautiful that her face seemed to glow in the twilight!

Of course, in no time at all, the Egyptian customs agents began to bid on her:

"I'll give you twelve kopeks and a goat!"
"I'll give you twenty pesos, four onions and a gucci bag!"
"I'll give you six radishes, twenty-five Kleenex tissue boxes and a Boss radio!"

Finally, the bidding ended as the customs agents realized that Sarai was too beautiful to belong to any commoner. Only Pharaoh, the king of Egypt himself could have this beautiful woman. And so, she was whisked off to the Palace. You know the rest of the story.

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