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Ark Rests

Born:1056 - after the Creation.
Father: Lemech.
Mother: Ashuma.
Wife: Na`ama.
Sons: Shem, Chom and Yafes (Japhet), Yoniku (who was born after the flood, taught war skills to Nimrod).

Life in brief:

  • Born 1056 after the Creation.
  • At the age of 480 - Noach started to build the ark (approx.)
  • At the age of 600 - the flood began.
  • At the age of 892 - his great grandson Avrohom, was born.
  • At the age of 940 - the building of the Tower of Babel started.
  • At the age of 942 - Noach taught Avrohom Aveenu - Torah.
  • Died at the age of 950 years old - year 2006 after creation.

Did you know...?

  • Noach was the first person born after Adam's death and was born circumcised.
  • It took Noach 120 years to build the Ark!!
  • The Ark was 300 cubits in length, 50 in width, 30 in height, (about 600 feet long, one hundred feet wide and sixty feet tall.
  • The Ark had three floors: the top floor housed people; the middle floor held the animals; and the bottom floor contained the garbage.
  • The fate of the world was sealed for destruction, because the earth was corrupted by rampant stealing.
  • So that the people might do Tshuva (repent), at first it rained. When they didn`t repent, it became a flood.
  • The Flood lasted for 40 days & 40 nights.
  • The water stayed on the land for 150 days.
  • Noach was in the Ark for a year and ten days.
Noach's & the Worlds Firsts:
  • Noach was the World's first shipbuilder.
  • Noach was the first in the World to use the ploughshare, (previously all farming was done with hands).
  • Noach was the first in the World to plant a vineyard.
  • Noach was the first in the World to be permitted to eat "meat" (after leaving the Ark).
  • He and his children named the constellations.

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