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Ramparts In a riveting twist to a spine chilling Akeida, Hashem was perfectly happy with Avrohom's effort at sacrificing Yitzchok and sent a ram along to take Yitzchok's place. But one must wonder, why a ram? Because it's kosher?
So is a cow. So is a turtle-dove.

Interestingly, the ram is the only sacrificial animal whose entire body would later be used after it was sacrificed in the Beit Hamikdash. Even more interestingly, many of the instruments played by the Leviyim in the Beit Hamikdash were derived from the ram:

  • Its two horns were fashioned into Shofars.
  • Its hide was stretched into drum skin.
  • The inner organs were used to craft the violins.
  • The thighs were carved into flutes.
  • The intestines were used for the strings of the harps.
So what happened to the body of this ram in particular?

First of all, this was not just any ram. This ram was created by Hashem during the twilight of creation a few minutes before Shabbat. Hashem decreed that this ram be present at the time of the Akeida. But that's not the whole story.

Every part of the ram that Avrohom sacrificed was put to use to serve a divine purpose. Its ashes remained and formed the foundation of the Mizbayach (Altar) that was in the Beit Hamikdash. Its ten tendons were made into the ten strings of King David's harp. Its skin became Eliyahu Hanavi's belt. Its two horns were made into trumpets. The left horn was the trumpet that sounded at Har (Mt.) Sinai when the Torah was given. The right horn, the larger of the two, was put aside to be sounded when Moshiach comes. (May it be speedily in our days).

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