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Crying Over You There is a lot of crying going on in this Parsha, with our heroes crying on each others necks at every turn. But these teary eyes are crying for more than we think they are.

When Yosef reveals himself to his brothers, first he cries tears of joy; but this bawling soon turns to tears of sadness and foreboding, knowing that he has officially ushered in the 400 year Egyptian exile, only the first of many that will befall the Jewish people.

When Yosef and Binyamin cry, they weep over the destruction of the sanctuaries that would be built in their respective territories in Eretz Yisroel: Yosef weeps over the two Batei Mikdash’ (Temples) that will stand in Binyamin’s portion of Yerushalayim, and Binyamin weeps over destruction of the Mishkon (Tabernacle) in Shiloh, in the portion of Joseph’s son Efrayim.Yosef also weeps for the Ten Shvatim (Tribes) that will be exiled and scattered among the nations.

Upon the arrival of Yaakov in Mitzrayim (Egypt), Yosef heads out on his chariot to greet his Father. Of course, Yosef falls on his father Yaakov’s neck and weeps excessively. Yaakov, however, does not immediately fall upon Yosef’s neck, nor does he kiss him or cry, because he is in the middle of reciting the prayer Shema. Of course, he wants to kiss and hug Yosef, but he waits until he finishes the Shema. Just imagine Yaakov's dedication to Hashem! He hasn't seen his beloved son for 22 years but he still refuses to interrupt his prayer!

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