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x Let's face it...when man mixes with spirits, the only result there can be is drunken fear! Take Matan Torah for example. The first two commandments are given by Hashem Himself and what happens? After each commandment, the entire nation falls dead. See, we're just not equipped to handle the heavy duty strength of the spiritual realm. That's why Moshe was shaking like a leaf when Hashem commanded him to come on up to the spiritual world to receive the luchot (tablets) containing the Aseret Hadibrot (Ten commandments).

Moshe asked the Bnei Yisroel to fast, pray and beg Hashem for his safe return. He knew that the "fiery beings" of the celestial kingdom could blast him to kingdom come! On the seventh day of Sivan, Moshe packed out of the camp and headed towards the mountain with Yehoshua. At the base of the mountain, Yehoshua bid his Rebbe farewell.

Before Moshe could enter the spiritual world, he had to be prepped and purified in the Cloud Of Glory. Six days later he emerged from the darkness and entered the "Heavenly Camp."

Well, the Malachim (angels) took one look at Moshe and complained to Hashem in disgust. "What's the mere mortal doing up here in Shamayim (heaven)?"
"He has come to receive the Torah," was Hashem's reply.

This opened up a major debate between Moshe and the Malachim, who weren't completely convinced that this precious gift belonged in the hands of man. Hashem commanded Moshe to answer these celestial beings, but (talk about needing a cool minty mouth freshener) Moshe was afraid that these fiery beings would scorch him with their breath. Easily fixed, Hashem allowed Moshe to cling to the Kisei Hakovod. That put the punch back into the limp leader.

Moshe started out with a few simple pot shots like this double-decker pop:

"It says in the Torah 'I am Hashem, your G-D who brought you out of Mitzrayim from the house of bondage.' Were you in Mitzrayim? Were you a slave to Pharoh?" And how about "'You shall have no other gods'. Do you live surrounded by idolotrous nations?"

From here on in it was rapid-fire rhetorical give and take:

"'Remember the Shabbat' - do you Malachim need a day of rest?"

"'You shall not say Hashem's name in vain' - do you make business deals that require swearing?"

"'Honor your father and mother' - Do you have parents?"

"'You shall not murder' - Do you have gun-slingers in Shamayim?"

Well, Moshe proved his words packed more heat than a Malach's breath. The Malachim admitted that his arguments made a lot of sense, and once they dropped their defenses, turned out to be a real bunch of swell fellows. Each Malach revealed a different secret healing formula hidden in the Holy Names of Hashem scattered throughout the Torah. Even the Malach of Death revealed a startling tidbit: a plague could be stopped by burning Ketoret (incense).

Moshe hung out in Shamayim for forty days where he learned the Torah and its secrets. While a brew-ha-ha brewed below, only Moshe understood the value of this precious gift that would soon make its debut in the world of mortal man.

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