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Parshat Shmot

Once when Moshe was a little three year old boy sitting on Pharoh’s lap, he grabbed Pharoh’s crown right off his head, and popped it on his little head. Most people would laugh about such cute hijinks, but not in Pharoh’s court. Immediately, Pharoh’s advisors say to him, “This must be the boy we saw in the stars who will one day free the Bnei Yisroel. Kill him right now.”

“Wait!” yells another advisor. It was Yitro, at that time one of Pharoh’s most trusted advisors.

“Why all this fuss about a three year old.” He said. “It’s perfectly normal for a child that age to be attracted to something shiny. It’s a nice toy.”

What's Pharoh to do? Which advisor should he listen to?

They decide to test little Moshe to see if he really understands what gold is. They place two bowl in front of him. One is a bowl of burning hot shiny coals, and the other is a dish of gold coins. The coals are shinier than the gold.

“If he goes for the coals, it proves he is just a baby attracted to shiny material. But if he goes for the gold coins, he knows the value of gold and is a danger to Pharoh, and we will kill him right now.”

Well, Moshe at three was very smart, He starts to reach for the gold, when Malach (Angel) Gavriel pushes his hand, and he grabs a coal. Screaming, he puts his burning hand and the hot coal into his mouth, burning his tongue.

He always had difficulty speaking after that.

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