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Hakorat Hatov Hey, wait a minute! It’s Moshe’s commandment to go before Pharoh, it’s Moshe’s staff, and it’s Moshe’s neck on the line if these plagues don’t work. So why is Aharon, Moshe’s brother, pressing the plague button on the rod?

It’s a lesson in Hakorat Hatov - showing appreciation. The first plague, the plague of DAM, turned the water to blood. The plague of TZFARDAYA, caused frogs to emerge from the Nile river. But to get these first two plagues going, Moshe would have to hit the water with his staff - the same water upon which he floated to Pharoh’s palace in a basket some 80 years before.

The plague of KINIM, turned the sand of Mitzrayim to yucky lice! That same sand had once covered up the body of a Mitzri (Egyptian) task-master slain by Moshe.

Now, everybody knows that water and sand have no feelings! Even so, this story teaches us how much more we must show Hakorat Hatov to our friends, parents, rabbayim, teachers, and most of all, Hashem.

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